The COVID-19 pandemic shed further light on the overwhelming need for better communication channels between community-based agencies providing victims' services. As we began to research how to create a solution designed to enhance communication, connectivity, and support, we discovered we had to work side-by-side with these agencies to ensure the resource would meet their needs and the survivors’ needs.

    -Kara Wasser, OhanaLink Technologies CEO & Founder


    OhanaLink Purple™

    OhanaLink Technologies™ partnered with agencies to create a solution designed to enhance communication, connectivity, and support.

    At OhanaLink Technologies, we are committed to making a difference. Through a collaboration with domestic violence agencies in Western Pennsylvania we have developed a customized cloud-based service delivery system that is transforming the way agencies and advocates deliver services to victims of domestic abuse and their families.

    OhanaLink Purple shines a light on domestic violence through the first in the market system that enables agencies to provide services to clients in a new way while also providing victims of domestic violence with safe, secure communication, resources and tools.

    Additional Benefits Include:


    Traceless Safety Features


    Safe, Asynchronous Communications Users Can Log In When Time Is Right


    Users Disconnected From Phone Number For Additional Security


    Privately & Safely Connecting With Support System


    Centralized Access to Services, Tools, Resources & Support

    A safe, secure mobile solution connecting domestic violence agencies and victims—Download the OhanaLink Purple White Paper to learn more or sign up for our OhanaLink Purple Connect Newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest social care work.

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