It has been gratifying to help create unique business solutions that enhance communication and support, as well as improve efficiencies and workflows.


    - Kara Wasser, OhanaLink Technologies Founder & CEO

    About OhanaLink

    OhanaLink Technologies™ was created by Founder and CEO, Kara Wasser, banking executive turned entrepreneur, who personally experienced the need to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event. After missing the birth of her niece due to missed group text messages, Wasser set out to create first in the market mobile technology that bridged the gaps in communication during very critical life changing moments.  It began with one simple idea - to create a single platform that was private and secure with the ability to select and connect with your own "network" of family and friends.  Wasser turned her idea into a business.  She quit her full-time job in 2019, recruited her team to include tech, sales, marketing, finance, and legal, and since that time, has worked to perfect the company's “YourCircle” platform that serves as the hub for its expanding suite of mobile solutions.  Ohana means family.  Family is at the heart of the company - which is woman-owned, women-led and mission-focused.  Wasser and her team are committed to making a difference for underserved markets needing cost-effective technology solutions that enhance communication and support, increases access to resources, information, and services.


    Our Mission

    OhanaLink Technologies’ mission is to be a technology leader delivering innovative, best in class mobile solutions that connect a diverse community of users through our private, secure communication and support platform.

    Our Story

    OhanaLink Technologies™, a Western Pennsylvania-based technology development company, has been working to perfect its proprietary communication and support platform, while expanding their capabilities to serve untapped markets.

    The company's Founder and CEO, Kara Wasser saw the need to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event or episode. After missing the birth of her niece due to a missed group text message, Wasser set out to create first in the market mobile technology that bridged the gaps in communication during very critical moments.

    The woman-owned app development company first entered the market in 2019, launching its premier mobile app, OhanaLink Baby™. Since that time, the company has worked to enhance its first in the market “YourCircle” platform as the hub  for delivering  its suite of mobile solutions.


    Our Commitment to Giving Back

    It’s Personal for Us—our organization is mission focused—we are committed to enhancing the lives of our users through the use of our unique mobile technology.  We are dedicated to partnering with organizations, agencies and associations to enable new delivery systems to support end users and their support systems.


    "We know that as our lives change, so will our circle,“ explained Wasser. “Our unique platform has served as the basis for the development of our smartphone apps designed to allow users to directly connect privately and securely with their “ohana,” or family/community of loved ones—unlike other apps or social network channels that are in the market.”

    Our Solutions

    Our suite of solutions provides a new level of connectivity across life’s continuum – Whether it’s sharing a chapter in life’s journey, experiencing a medical or health-related episode, or enhancing engagement between agencies and clients, our products link resources, information, and support services - all in one single source of truth.

    What Problems Do We Solve?

    Existing communication and information channels currently utilized are often closed or fragmented and lack security. Additionally, group texts, private Facebook groups, and other home-grown methods are complicated, chaotic, and lack privacy.

    Our Supporters


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    OhanaLink allows you to privately connect and deliver messages, updates, reports, images and more—all at the same time—without the confusion of group emails and text messages.