We encourage other businesses to take advantage of this unique, low-cost benefit for their organizations.


    - Rod Wilt, Executive Director of Penn-Northwest Development Corporation


    OhanaLink at Work

    OhanaLink Technologies offers an employer-sponsored subscription service for your most valuable assets, your employees. OhanaLink at Work offers access to a unique suite of mobile solutions that links employees and their family members during any healthcare event - from pre-pregnancy through end of life - when they need it most.

    How it Works

    Your company will receive:

    • Dedicated employee activation codes that will open access to their “branded” OhanaLink app

    • Easy to Use informational materials, such as FAQs

    •OhanaLink at Work e-newsletters with helpful tools, tips and employee resources

    • Onboarding and dedicated customer support


    Benefits Include:


    Dedicated Employee Activation Codes That Will Open Access To Their “Branded” OhanaLink App


    Easy-To-Use Informational Materials Such As FAQ


    Provides Employees And Families A Communication And Support Tool To Assist During Health Related Events


    OhanaLink Health™

    Whether it’s surgery, a trip to the ER, a short-term or long-term illness, OhanaLink Health™ offers you connectivity to communicate and collaborate in a private “virtual waiting room” when your family need it most.

    OhanaLink Baby

    Enhance your pregnancy experience with the first in the market mobile solution that allows you to privately share your pregnancy journey with your closest circle!

    OhanaLink Health™

    As parents, we need to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to our child’s health. OhanaLink Health Kids™ lets you focus on your child. When they need you most.

    Download the OhanaLink App in Your App Store

    OhanaLink allows you to privately connect and deliver messages, updates, reports, images and more—all at the same time—without the confusion of group emails and text messages.