OhanaLink Technologies™ Announces Partnership with PurpleOne™ Creators to Expand Community Awareness and Response to Domestic Violence

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Pennsylvania-based technology development company, OhanaLink Technologies™, today announced their partnership with domestic violence agency, Safe Journey, the developers of PurpleOne™, a comprehensive community response initiative that addresses domestic violence across the U.S.  Through the partnership, OhanaLink Technologies will serve as the exclusive technology partner for PurpleOne integrating technology to centralize training, resources and tools into a single management and training solution.  The centralization is designed to simplify and expand direct access to the program for agencies, businesses, and individuals within communities.  

The PurpleOne program was initiated in 2017 by Safe Journey, an Erie County, PA-based domestic violence services agency and the Rural Domestic Violence Task Force.  Funded through the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women, the program was designed to empower victims and community members to take action against domestic violence. 

“We are thrilled to announce this new strategic partnership with PurpleOne,” stated Kara Wasser, Founder and CEO of OhanaLink Technologies.  “As a mission-driven organization, we are continuously looking to raise awareness around the increasing need for secure technology that expands safe access to victims of domestic abuse.  This partnership will amplify that awareness while also bringing much needed resources to those in need,” Wasser explained.  

Through a collaboration with seven domestic violence agencies in Western Pennsylvania, the women-led platform technology company developed OhanaLink Purple, a safe and secure client interaction and engagement system that is transforming the way agencies and advocates assist victims/survivors of domestic abuse. OhanaLink Purple launched in 2022 and is being adopted by domestic violence agencies across the country.


According to Lori Palisin, Executive Director of Safe Journey and Founder and CEO of PurpleOne, “As a 25-year champion for domestic violence victims and survivors, I am grateful for the benefits that our partnership with OhanaLink Technologies and the OhanaLink Purple solution will offer communities, businesses and individuals.”  She continued, “By connecting training, education and awareness best practices together with technology, our organizations will have all of the necessary tools to make a considerable impact on the movement to fight domestic violence right in our communities.”

Additional opportunities for the partnership include the inclusion of PurpleOne as a Resource Partner within the OhanaLink Purple app through a dedicated link, joint community outreach and education initiatives, and co-branded sales and marketing campaigns.  

A Facebook live Turning Purple Partnership Launch event is scheduled for Monday, November 20th @3pm (EDT).  For more information and to register for the event, visit www.ohanalink.com/purpleone

About OhanaLink Technologies™

OhanaLink Technologies™ is a woman-led technology development company that has developed an engagement and interaction platform designed to offer secure communication by providing safe, easy-to-use mobile solutions.

The company's Founder and CEO, Kara Wasser, personally experienced the need to stay connected with families and patients during a healthcare event or episode. After missing the birth of her niece due to a missed group text message, Wasser set out to create solutions that bridge gaps in communication during critical life moments. 

The company first entered the market in 2019, launching its premier mobile app, OhanaLink Baby™.  In 2021, the company collaborated with a group of seven domestic violence agencies in Western Pennsylvania to custom design a safe, secure mobile delivery system for direct service agencies to enhance their ability to deliver services to victims of domestic violence. OhanaLink Purple launched in July of 2022 and is currently being adopted by domestic violence service providers across the country.   

For more information, visit www.ohanalink.tech, email info@ohanalink.tech, or call 844-394-4398.

About PurpleOne™

PurpleOne is a domestic violence community awareness initiative sponsored by Safe Journey, an Erie-county, Pennsylvania domestic violence agency.  Supported by a grant awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, the U.S. Department Of Justice, PurpleOne was developed to unite communities around the eradication of domestic violence in our communities.   The goal of the program is to empower members of the community as potential bystanders – to become aware of domestic violence in communities, learning skills to respond to a domestic violence situation, and to understand when and how to recognize, respond to and refer victims to resources. In addition, PurpleOne provides general public awareness training, training of community members and organizations to become PurpleOne trained, and/or designated Safe Places for Domestic Violence Victims 

For more information about PurpleOne, visit https://purpleone.org, email info@purpleone.org or call 814-616-2330.

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