More Than a Phone Lends Support to Domestic Violence Agencies

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Pennsylvania-based technology development company, OhanaLink Technologies™, today announced their partnership with More Than a Phone, a nonprofit organization that partners with domestic violence programs across the country to provide free smartphones and data service to the survivors they support.

Based in Indiana, More Than a Phone was started in 2017 when they first collaborated with domestic violence agencies to create the program which then launched nationally in 2018.  Since that time, More Than a Phone has increased their community impact by providing smartphones to survivors of domestic violence through partnerships with more than 90 shelters in 24 states across the U.S. 

More Than a Phone, was established under the Round Room umbrella of companies. Round Room offers their employees the opportunity to submit grants through Round Room Gives, a private nonprofit. Through this collaboration, Round Room Gives has provided grant funding to two domestic violence agencies in Indiana enabling them to integrate new workflows into their operations using innovative mobile technology, OhanaLink Purple.  OhanaLink Purple is a first to market safe, secure cloud-based engagement system that enables better coordination of services and offers secure communication between advocates of domestic violence agencies and the clients they serve in their communities.

“Through the development of partnerships with support minded organizations, such as More Than a Phone and Round Room Gives, we are able to meet our mission which is to provide access to mobile technology specifically designed for domestic violence agencies and victims seeking services,” explained OhanaLink Technologies CEO, Kara Wasser. “The grant opportunities offered through Round Room Gives open doors for domestic violence agencies that have not historically had to budget for enterprise technology that enables them to better serve their clients.” Wasser continued, “OhanaLink Purple was custom-designed with advocates to provide secure access to communication, while also centralizing the support and resources needed by survivors.”

Stated Courtney Kibble, Program Director for More Than a Phone and Executive Director of Round Room Gives, “The partnership between More Than a Phone and OhanaLink Technologies created the ultimate collaboration with Round Room Gives and our grants. At Round Room, we strive to offer the communities where we do business with “more” than just a phone. Providing some of our More Than a Phone partners with the opportunity to have OhanaLink as a resource is exactly how we like to support not only the communities but survivors – it is a wonderful collaboration and OhanaLink Technologies is an outstanding resource!”

About OhanaLink Technologies

OhanaLink Technologies™ is a woman-owned technology development company that has developed an engagement and interaction platform designed to offer secure communication by providing safe, easy-to-use mobile solutions that directly connect them to their network.

The company's Founder and CEO, Kara Wasser, personally experienced the need to stay connected with families and patients during a healthcare event or episode. After missing the birth of her niece due to a missed group text message, Wasser set out to create first to market mobile technology that bridges the gaps in communication during very critical moments. 

The company first entered the market in 2019, launching its premier mobile app, OhanaLink Baby™.  In 2021, the tech company collaborated with a group of seven domestic violence agencies in Western Pennsylvania to custom design a safe, secure mobile delivery system for direct service agencies to enhance their ability to provide direct services to victims of domestic violence. OhanaLink Purple launched in July of 2022 and is being adopted by domestic violence coalitions across the country.   

For more information, visit OhanaLink Purple, email, or call 844-394-4398.

About More Than a Phone

At More Than a Phone, we believe survivors of domestic violence deserve a reliable and safe smartphone. Through our program, we connect survivors to the world around them so they can build a strong foundation to support themselves and their families. Through volunteerism and victim advocacy, our goal is to cultivate community across the US and give survivors more than just a phone.

For more information about More Than a Phone, visit:  More Than a Phone: Helping Domestic Violence Survivors

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