OhanaLink Partners with DomesticShelters.org

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Published by The Business Journal:


OhanaLink Technologies, a local technology development agency, has partnered with DomesticShelters.org to provide centralized resources for domestic violence victims and those agencies working to assist them.

DomesticShelters.org, touted as the first and larges online and mobile searchable directory of domestic violence programs and shelters in the U.S. and Canada, strives to educate people as to the locations and services provided by programs and shelters.

The OhanaLink Purple app will allow those utilizing DomesticShelters.org resources to securely coordinate services and communications between domestic violence agencies, victims and their family members.

“By joining forces with DomesticShelters.org, we can centralize valuable curated resources specifically for domestic violence agencies and those victims seeking services,” explained Kara Wasser, CEO of OhanaLink Technologies. “The resources provided by DomesticShelters.org is a perfect complement to include in the OhanaLink Purple mobile solution. Meeting victims where they are – on their mobile devices – is absolutely critical. OhanaLink Purple is designed to provide secure access to advocates while centralizing the support and resources they need to keep themselves and their families safe.”

Additionally, those seeking industry-related content such as webinars, panel discussions and articles to provide aid to direct service providers, victims and families in domestic abuse situations will find those resources on OhanaLink Purple.

Ashley Rumschlag, CEO and President of Theresa’s Fund, the 501(c)3 organization operating DomesticShelters.org, points out this allows programs assisting those in domestic violence situations to point them easily to available information on domestic violence and resources without having to recreate it or link it to their own websites as information changes.

OhianaLink Technologies, located in Hermitage, Pa., began as a way to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event or episode. The woman-owned technology development company launched its first mobile app, OhanaLink Baby in 2019.

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