OUTLOOK 2024: OhanaLink collaborates on social care solutions, expands social impact footprint

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Published by: The Sharon Herald

Headquartered in Hermitage, the tech development company OhanaLink Technologies continues to invest in expansion into new markets with their proprietary communication and support platform to extend their social impact footprint on a national scale.

The woman-led company first entered the market in 2019 launching OhanaLink, a mobile app that connects family and friends during healthcare events. Since that time, the company has expanded their offerings to include white label products, as well as a customized mobile solution for non-profit agencies that provide support for victims facing domestic abuse.

“The need for technology in the social care space was brought to our attention during COVID when we were approached asking if our existing platform could be adapted to help advocates and victims of domestic abuse,” said Kara Wasser, founder and CEO of OhanaLink Technologies.

Wasser’s team moved quickly to connect with additional agencies in Western Pennsylvania to understand the challenges facing advocates and victims of domestic violence and how the lack of safety and privacy in the existing technology can result in life and death situations for many victims of abuse. 

“We were presented with a unique opportunity to take this from a development project to becoming our company’s mission,” Wasser said. “As a mission-centric company, we became fully committed to designing a better way to support agencies and victims/survivors through the development of OhanaLink Purple”.

OLT launched OhanaLink Purple in May of 2022, becoming the first to market mobile technology that safely and privately connects domestic violence service providers such as agencies and/or shelters to the clients/victims they serve. The providers supply lifesaving resources, information and services through the use of a disguised access point on a victim’s cell phone and secure browser.

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