Investment from Seattle-Based Venture Capital Investment Firm, Mastersfund™

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Platform technology company, Looped Solutions™ (formerly OhanaLink Technologies™), announced today that they have received an investment from Seattle-based venture capital investment firm, Mastersfund™. Headquartered in Western Pennsylvania, the company recently rebranded as Looped Solutions and has been actively engaging investment partners to enable continued expansion into new markets with their proprietary communication and support platform to extend their social impact footprint on a national scale.  

The company launched Looped Fusion Purple™ (formerly OhanaLink Purple™) in May of 2022 as the first to market mobile solution that safely and discreetly connects domestic violence service providers such as agencies and/or shelters to the clients/victims they serve. 

"Meeting victims where they are—on their mobile devices—is absolutely critical," said Kara Wasser, founder and CEO of Looped Solutions. "Looped Fusion Purple is changing traditional services delivery, providing a new level of safety and security that will ultimately get survivors and their families the help they need."

Looped Fusion Purple™ has been adopted by fifty-seven agencies across twelve states, with nearly 1,200 victims/survivors using the disguised access point and enhanced safety features. Looped Solutions continues outreach to secure partnerships with nationally recognized organizations that provide information and resources to domestic violence service providers and individuals in abusive situations seeking assistance. 

Wasser continued, "It has been especially gratifying to introduce Looped Fusion Purple to social care agencies that have been historically underserved with access to technology. Our new partnership with Mastersfund will assist our organization with short term product iteration, operations, and sales initiatives, while also positioning us to engage with other venture firms that share our mission and support tech for good."

"We at Mastersfund are thrilled to provide funding to Looped Solutions to amplify such critical work for the benefit of women’s lives that includes protection and privacy for victims of abuse," said Venture Partner Karen Cone.

About Looped Solutions™

Looped Solutions is a women-led tech company that is designing cross-platform applications—innovating connections surrounding every aspect of our lives—personally, professionally, and in our communities. At the very core of our innovation is Looped Launchpad, our proprietary platform that powers our digital engagement solutions.  Fusion, the Company's central offering, empowers effective communication and collaboration by merging a collection of features specifically designed to ignite connection and engagement. For tailored solutions, our Fusion bundles, such as Fusion Purple for social care and victim services and Fusion White Label for developing branded applications, provide customizable options that close the loop on achieving goals. At Looped Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering flexible solutions to meet individual needs, ensuring seamless connections to who and what matter most.

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About Mastersfund™

Mastersfund is a Seattle-based venture capital investment firm, that capitalizes women-led revenue-positive companies innovating in the future of work and better ways to live. With a mission to support and empower women in entrepreneurial leadership, Mastersfund propels promising businesses forward and fosters sustainable growth and profitability. Formed in 2018 by Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy, Mastersfund has made 11 investments in women CEOs from Funds I and II via revenue based funding and follow-on equity. Learn more at

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