OhanaLink partners with Youngstown charter school

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Published by the Sharon Herald:

OhanaLink Technologies of Hermitage has announced a partnership with Potential Development located in Youngstown.

Potential Development is a non-public charter school that opened in 2001. The educational school system serves children in preschool through high school who are on the Autism Spectrum.

“We are very gratified to be able to partner with Potential Development to help them directly communicate, collaborate and mentor children and adolescents who need their support with the development of our customizable app solution,” said Kara Wasser, founder and CEO of OhanaLink. “It’s always gratifying to work with a dedicated organization such as Potential Development to help support such an important cause.”

According to Paul Garchar Jr., executive director of Potential Development, “Over the past few months, we have been working with OhanaLink to tailor an application to enhance our efforts in providing better communication between parents and teachers as well as our entire Potential Development team.”

Duane Piccirilli is executive director of Mahoning County Mental Health & Recovery Board. “We’re excited to support a local partnership between Potential Development and OhanaLink Technologies,” he said. “We value the utilization of technology to help Potential Development leadership to better incorporate materials into the academic curriculum that will address students and their families’ mental health issues.”

OhanaLink Technologies’ proprietary mobile technology, Direct Connect, was recently developed to allow businesses, agencies, or organizations to custom design a cost-effective and branded smartphone app. DirectConnect™ is a customized mobile solution that helps a business or organization enhance communication, improve access to service and increase brand visibility to customers, clients, or other service providers.

With three locations in Youngstown, Potential Development believes a child’s potential develops best in a structured environment with individualized educational plans designed for each unique student. This is achieved through ample resources and strong partnerships between parents, caretakers, and our educated, caring, and qualified staff.

For more information, visit potentialdevelopment.org or call 330.746.7641.

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