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What is OhanaLink Purple™?
OhanaLink Purple™ is a first to market cloud-based engagement system for better coordination and communication between domestic violence agencies and the clients they serve. OhanaLink Purple shines a light on domestic violence through a new delivery system that enables agencies to provide services to clients in a new way, while also providing victims of domestic violence with safe, secure communication, resources and other support tools.

How did the idea of OhanaLink Purple originate?
The pandemic spotlighted the challenges being faced by domestic violence victims with forced isolation and uncovered the need for improved, safe communication tools between victims and domestic violence agencies.

In late 2020, OhanaLink Technologies™ was approached by Executive Director Lizette Olsen of AWARE, Inc., the victim services agency serving Mercer County. She was aware of the company’s existing technology platform developed for other markets such as healthcare and inquired if it could help domestic violence agencies address the overwhelming need for better communication channels that are safe for survivors to use. OhanaLink Technologies embraced the opportunity, entered a collaboration with Aware, Inc. and seven other domestic violence agencies across western Pennsylvania, and designed mobile technology to address the overwhelming need. OhanaLink Purple launched in May
2022 and is being adopted by domestic violence advocates across the country.

How is OhanaLink Purple different from existing systems?
Existing apps and systems available to advocates and their clients often lack safety and privacy. “For many of my younger staff, their lifestyles are directed by their feeds and cell phones. Agency structures need to catch up to where
people consume and deliver services,” explained Lizette. “To help meet our clients’ needs, we needed to propel our agency forward, embrace technology and provide the technology they expect.”

OhanaLink Purple allows advocates to directly connect to clients when it is safe to do so, and knowing isolation is one of the greatest tools an abuser uses, OhanaLink Purple provides connection to those needing service privately and securely. Agencies can provide services in real-time and at times that best meets their clients’ needs.

How Does OhanaLink Purple benefit advocates and those seeking services and support?
OhanaLink Purple is delivered with proprietary Traceless Safety Features™ that can be used on smartphones or tablets to provide a safe, private mobile communication and support tool. The mobile system is free for agency clients to use and gives them immediate access to the full functionality of the system through disguised access points.

The benefits of OhanaLink Purple include:
• Streamlines communication channels
• Single point of information sharing
• Enhanced privacy for agency and clients
• Saves critical time
• Improves access and safety for clients

About Aware, Inc.
AWARE, Inc. Mercer County Center Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is a victim services agency dedicated to eliminating domestic/sexual violence in Mercer County. AWARE works with allies in law enforcement, health care, education, business and faith communities to share common cause eliminating the impact of domestic and sexual violence on the lives of women, children and families throughout Mercer County. AWARE Inc. has served Mercer County since 1976.

About OhanaLink Technologies
OhanaLink Technologies™ was created by founder and CEO, Kara Wasser, banking executive turned entrepreneur, who personally experienced the need to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event. It began with one simple idea — tocreate a single platform that was private and secure with the ability to select and connect with your own “network” of family and friends. Wasser turned her idea into a business. She quit her fulltime job in 2019, recruited her team to include tech, sales, marketing, finance and legal, and since that time, has grown the company while expanding a suite of mobile solutions. Wasser and her team are committed to making a difference for underserved markets needing cost effective technology solutions that enhance communication and support for end users.

OhanaLink Technologies is located at 3580 Innovation Way, Hermitage.

Information: Call OhanaLink Technologies at 844.394.4398, visit or email Aware, Inc. can be contacted 24/7 by calling 888.981.1457.

OhanaLink Technologies