New Employer-Sponsored Service to Keep Employees and Families Connected During the Pandemic

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New Pennsylvania-based Technology Company Launches OhanaLink at Work™ or employees facing health events

Pennsylvania-based technology company, OhanaLink Technologies™, today announced the introduction of OhanaLink at Work™, a new employer-sponsored subscription service available for businesses and their employees.

Stated Kara Wasser, Founder and CEO of OhanaLink Technologies, “Every successful business knows that their employees are their most valuable assets and are also dealing with the negative impact of the pandemic on those employees.”    Wasser continued, “We believe that our first in the market mobile apps can help to reduce the stress and anxiety of employees and/or family members struggling with health-related events by having a private, virtual space to communicate directly with their circle.”  

The annual subscription is priced per employee and includes access to the OhanaLink Technologies suite of solutions that helps patients and families remain connected during any type of health-related event such as the birth of a baby, a critical health diagnosis, surgery or a longer-term illness or injury.  OhanaLink provides unique mobile technology that allows users to privately share real time updates in a safe, secure environment unlike other social media channels, group chats or text messaging.  

According to Rod Wilt, executive director of Penn-Northwest Development Corporation, “OhanaLink Technologies is extending their new mobile technology as an innovative solution for employers to offer as a perk to their employees.”  Wilt continued, “This partner program is a great benefit for employees, especially as we are all so disconnected during this pandemic.  We encourage other businesses to take advantage of this unique, low-cost benefit for their organizations.”

Located in Hermitage, PA, Penn-Northwest Development Corporation assists businesses and organizations with economic and business development in Northwest Pennsylvania.


How it Works


An employer will pay an annual subscription cost based on the total number of employees and includes access to OhanaLink Technologies’ menu of consumer-focused products or “virtual waiting rooms” including:

  • OhanaLink Baby™: Provides connectivity through a private, virtual waiting room to create an enhanced, memorable childbirth experience. Expectant parents can connect with their closest circle of family and friends before, during, and after labor and delivery to share milestones and memories.

  • OhanaLink Health™: Connects patients and families with those you select during a health-related event or episode, keeping everyone in the loop up-to-date with the most current and accurate information available - direct from the source.

  • OhanaLink Health Kids™: Allows family members to share the most current and accurate information available on their child’s health status and aids patients and guests through communication challenges associated with navigating the healthcare delivery system.

A dedicated employee activation code is provided and will open access to the mobile apps that employees download on their phones from either Google Play or the Apple Store.  In addition, OhanaLink Technologies will provide employee informational material and resources including onboarding and customer support, all part of the annual subscription fee.

Wasser concluded, “We believe our suite of solutions is especially relevant today with the many ways in which we are all currently disconnected and isolated from each other.  We identified the need to create OhanaLink at Work for businesses to offer new communication tools for employees and families experiencing stressful health situations.  We know that by partnering with OhanaLink Technologies, employers can help families stay connected – when they need it most.” 

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